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Phone: 239.410.8877

Address: 901 Northeast 27th Lane | Unit B

Cape Coral, FL 33909

Email: cuttingedgeboattops@hotmail.com

-How do I place an order?

Call 239-410-8877 to place your order.

-How will my order be shipping?

Orders are shipped through ADL Delivery or Greyhound Package Express depending on its destination.

-How will I know when my page arrives at the Greyhound Station?

When your order leaves our warehouse we will call you and give you a tracking number which will allow you to track your order via www.shipgreyhound.com

-How long does shipping take in the continental US?

Shipping with Greyhound Package Express can take up to 2 weeks to arrive at its location. ADL Delivery takes no more than 2 days to arrive at its location.

-How long does it take to ship from the time a placed my order?

Our current lead time is 5 weeks, this means that your order will not leave our warehouse for 5 weeks before it ships.