Welcome to About Us

Here you will find FAQ, and ​a little bit about our company.


  1. Leaning Post Sizes
    Each leaning post on our page has it's own set of sizes that it comes in, this includes it's width and height. The width of our seats are measured by the width of the seat cushion, and the height by the top of the seat cushion.
  2. Greyhound Package Express
    We ship through Greyhound Package Express, it's a branch of Greyhound Travel that gets your package to you while keeping it safe and protected. Once it leaves from us it will be shipped to the closest GPX Station to you. This type of logistic takes up to 14 days to Deliver.
  3. ADL Business Delivery
    We use ADL Business Delivery to send packages to business in available locations. These locations are only available in the Southeastern portion on the US. If you live in: FL, GA, SC, NC, TN, and AL ask us to check a Zip Code to see if we ship. This type of logistic takes up to 2 days to Deliver.
  4. Exchanges and Returns
    Since these seats are custom built we can't accept returns, exchanges are limited to the reason why it needs to be exchanged.
  5. Warranty
    Our leaning posts come with a limited warranty on the material portion of the seat or top, like pvc, canvas, and vinyl. The aluminum portion of the seat or top is covered by a lifetime warranty, for as long as you own the seat. Warranty requires an invoice so please place it in a secure area.
  6. How to Order
    Placing an order is quick and easy, just call us at (239) 410-8877 and ask for to place an order. You will need the item name, width, height, and color of the item you would like to purchase on hand at the time of the call to ensure that you are getting just what you need.