Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What leaning posts can I choose to get a Free Cover when offered?
A. Our covers will fit any leaning post with a removable backrest.

Q. What leaning post sizes are available to choose from?
A. Leaning posts come in width of 32" to 38" and heights of 28" to 33" your choice.

Q. How do you ship your packages?
A. We ONLY use Greyhound Express Packaging.

Q. How does Greyhound Express Packaging work?
A. Once the order is ready for sending, we take your package to our local Greyhound Express Package center, once in transit we will give you your tracking/item number, this number will allow to you see when you package is by calling: (239) 334-1011 or call your local Greyhound Bus Station. Once the package has arrived at your local Greyhound Express Package center, a call will be placed the number you provided with your order, all you have to do now is pick up you package at the Greyhound Express Station near you.

Q. Can I combine both offers from Craigslist and
A. No. Offers can not be combined.

Q. Can I return the item if I don't like it?
A. No. Since items are custom built they can not be returned.

Q. Can an item be exchanged if something happened to it during the shipping process?
A. Yes. If the item has been damaged during shipping, or has arrived damage due to anything else, it can be exchanged.

Q. What warranty to I get with my item?
A. All of our products have a life-time warranty on the frame, just make sure to keep you receipt in a safe place, as we will need to see it, if you even need service. 

Q. How can I get service on my leaning post or t-top if needed?
A. Please call: (239) 410-8877 for service to any leaning post or t-top.

Q. What is used to make the frames of each of our products?
A. 1.5" anodized aluminum piping, for a strong and stable frame.

Q. Do we use wood?
A. No. We use marine grade PVC.

Q. How far from the steering wheel, do I mount my seat?
A. The distance from the steering wheel to the seat, is a personal preference, this is up to the captain and where he/she feel most comfortable.
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